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5 msamaha8

Tom is a knowledgeable agent and is always willing to answer questions and any concerns that we had during our house-hunting process. He also has good ideas on potential houses and neighborhoods to visit.

5 chaher 05

Tom was very honest and friendly. He responded very quickly to my calls and request. He is very knowledgable in his line of profession. Would highly recommend him to friends and family.

5 phengv05

Tom Yang was very helpful and made the entire home buying process easy and stress free. He was constantly involved and followed up with all of my questions with little turn around time.

5 missyoua

Tom did a great job as our realtor. We took a couple of years to find the right house and he was always patient and available throughout the many showings we had. He also referred us to a great loan processor who knew what she was doing and was willing to explain everything to us.

5 pao yang3103

highly knowledge and very helpful person to work with. this person show me dozen of houses, and still patiently and honestly. not afraid to ask seller to fix things and very responsible, Negotiation skills. this person very care for you

5 rightparty

Tom was an excellent realtor for us and someone we would highly recommend. Some absolutes that we were looking for in a realtor: friendly, knowledgable, and very responsive.

5 phengyang0853

Tom was very helpful and made our whole process very easy. We had a unique situation and Tom was very helpful in helping us get our home. Always responded promptly to emails and text. Very satisfied with level of service we received from Tom.

5 s xiong08

A well known professional recognized for his expertise in the field of real estate. Tom Yang is highly knowledgeable, punctual, honest and an excellent communicator. As a first time home buyer, we often strive for guidance and answers. Tom is a man of integrity and loyalty. He will guide you every step of the way and answer any questions that you may have. We had a complex case where we went through a series of unfortunate events with a previous real estate agent and lender. Tom was able to positively impact the situation by going out of his way and quickly turning the situation around in a timely manner. With dedication and hard work, my family and I were able to fulfill a dream by purchasing our first home!

I would recommend Tom Yang to all family and friends. I look forward to working with Tom in the near future.

Thanks again Tom, for all that you do!

5 mlor89

Tom is a knowledgeable and responsible realtor. He was very helpful and determined when it came to assisting me purchase a home for my family. He was always on top of his game by staying in touch with me regarding all process. After almost two years of purchasing my home, Tom still kept in touch to see how things are going. With his assistance and great people skills, I definitely recommend him to anyone who is looking to purchase a home or may have questions regarding real estate.

5 kstickler5

Tom was very helpful. When we first starting thinking of listing the house he gave us suggestions on where to make improvements to help it show better. He also gave us an estimate of the closing costs and explained things thoroughly. During negotiations he was very helpful and was continuously there for us within minutes of us contacting him.

5 pamelayang16

I have used Tom for house hunting and purchasing of 2 homes. I have referred him to family and friends who have also purchased homes with the help of Tom. He was able to get many same day and next day showings as I requested them and consistently sent me updated listings. Tom is knowledgable in all aspects of home buying and was able to give me insight from start to finish. He listens to what you are looking for and makes house hunting efficient. I would recommend anyone looking for new home to search with Tom.

5 user433119

Tom is a really good agent because he helps you with a passion. He helped me find a house that I really liked. Even though I went through a ton of homes, he still kept on trying to find one that I liked. This passion to help is what makes Tom a great agent.

5 rubbylay7

Tom has been a great assistant for me and my family. He assisted us staring from looking at a lot of different houses, throughly explained us the values and the cost of each various houses. He was there with us the whole process till the end. I highly recommend Tom Yang to all families and friends. Thank you so much for everything Tom.

5 glenda sue lor

My husband and I were looking for houses and saw Tom contact number on a posting outside of a home that was for sale and decided to call him. He was very approachable and willing to help us find a house that was within our range. Just recently we had just closed on our home. Tom was very proactive on getting thing done; he keeps close contact with the seller and the bank to make sure things is running smoothly. Tom is a very knowledgeable person; he has given us pointer on what steps we needed to proceed next. If you’re looking for a real estate agent to buy or sell a home, you’ll want to consider Tom Yang as your agent.

5 user0649084

Tom has been a perfect assistant for my family. He assisted us staring from looking at a lot of different houses, throughly explained us the values and the cost of each various houses and the location that we were looking for. He was there with us the whole process till the end until now. I highly recommend Tom Yang to all families and friends. Thank you so much for everything Tom.

5 merryehry

Tom has helped us so much. He was there with us during the process until now. He would come and help us with anything when we needed him. He treats us well and I recommend him to all the families out there. Without him we wouldn’t have the house we do now. Thank you so much Tom.

5 lueyangs

Tom was a wonderful realtor to work with. Tom and his great network of wonderful professionals guided me through the entire process of purchasing a home and answered any questions that I had promptly. Tom has a strong commitment when it comes to trying to help his customers find a home that suites their needs, and this has been proven. After only a few months, my husband and our three children now have a place that we call home-“Our home.” Thank you Tom from the bottom of our hearts.

5 user0945920

Tom was extremely helpful and always on call. He never stopped looking out for my best interest. Would always recommend him for your home buying needs!!

Total class act!!

5 eiaongvang

Tom has been very helpful with my process of buying a new home. He helped put in multiple offers for me as well as helped us find a home inspector. He is very knowledgeable in what he does and answers any questions that I may have in a timely manner. He is always on time and have tremendous patience with us in our journey in buy our very first home.

5 xiongc28

Overall, our experience with Tom Yang was great. We lived out of state so we were mostly relying on Tom’s and out parents judgement and feedback. He was always available to show properties to our parents and was responsive to all emails, calls or text.

5 ryceh777

Tom was very helpful to our home buying experience. He was extremely patient with the whole process. I would recommend Tom to anyone looking for a house. His experience and ability was second to none. He helped us looked for the perfect house for us. Thanks Tom.

5 chang510

Tom has provided me with every material and deadlines appropriately and accurately. Tom was always on his track and knew well what his next steps were for me. Tom was helpful, approachable, friendly, and hard working. I would recommend Tom to many others.

5 user0908996

Tom meets my expectations. He schedule house showing as to my requesting. He gets things done on time and would put extra efforts into his work. He response to my questions immediately and work around my busy schedule.

5 rs00091

Tom helped us find our first home. He was patient and never pushy. It was obvious that he cared more about our satisfaction than just making a sale. We were impressed by his knowledge of the market and will definitely hire him again in the future.

5 MaikhaVang

Tom was very helpful and accommodating. I made quite a few requests that would be frustrating for others but Tom was patient and willing to follow through with those requests. He is easy to talk to and provided goods answers whenever I had any questions. Throughout the process Tom was very professional and always had my best interest in mind.

5 bouawanx

tom was very patient he answered all my questions and know what he is doing he made the process easy for me and easy for me to understand I recommend tom to anyone who is looking to buy a home

5 keith437

Tom will go the extra mile to help you every step of the way. He’s great. The whole process can be very stressful but Tom takes the time to help. He’s very knowledgable and does a great job negotiating.

5 mvang 22

Tom yang is the best person to work with when you are first home buyer. Any questions you have he is willing to help and give everything he knows. He is very patient and will help you through the time.

5 davidjnatalejr

Tom helped me find a wonderful new home – can’t thank him enough and would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a new home! Tom took as much time as necessary when helping me look and has also checked in several times after closing to make sure everything was going well.

5 lorx0330

Working with Tom has been a great experience. I am a first time home buyer and the idea of buying a house seemed like daunting prospect. However, Tom made it as easy as possible. He guided me through the entire process and answered all of my questions in a prompt manner. He worked around my schedule and was very patient. I really appreciated the fact that he was not pushy and let me take my time while making any decisions. I highly recommend Tom to anyone who is looking to for a new home.

5 souayeemoua9

Tom helped us so much. He answered every questions we asked him and He showed us many houses and he treated us well and I recommended him to families, friends, and everyone. Without him we wouldn’t get our first house. Thank you a lots Tom.

5 htoohtoo39

It was nice of you helping us Tom. Tom is a really good realtor. He helped us when we needed help. He always make the best appointment for us. When we don’t understand something he explained to us, so we understand them.

5 zuser20151011000532728

First of all I would like to thanks to Tom Yang for help us buying a house so fast. Tom is a very nice person, easy to talk to,and kindness with patience. He walk us step by step all the way until we got our house. Anything that he know is good for us he tell us all. Tom is very honest guy and friendly. If we ever buying or selling a house absolutely will contact Tom.

5 yangpahoua89

Tom was a great help. He helped us with everything and it was a pleasure to have Tom as our agent. I would recommend Tom for any future home buyers. Tom is an understanding person and gave us the information that we needed. Tom makes buying a home easy and walks us through every step of the way. Tom is a positive person. My husband and I have loved his company in finding our home. We would never have found our home with out Tom’s help. Highly recommended for anyone whose looking into purchasing their own home.

5 mldesir

Tom is the best realtor anyone could wish for. He is extremely knowledgeable, caring, patient and, more importantly, honest. He is definitely not in the business to make quick sales. He wants his clients to take their time and be certain about the buying process. My wife and I saw several homes with Tom before we decided our new home. Tom was always quick at pointing out defects and issues on some of these homes, even when both my wife and I were clearly showing interest. I have worked with realtors before and I was very unhappy about how they never seemed to find anything wrong or questionable about some listings. Tom is very different. He is really all about making sure that his clients are not only happy about their purchases but above all that they are making the right decision.

5 annielee939

Tom is a great realtor. He is very knowledgeable, observant, and patient. We were first time home buyers and was not sure as to what to look for when buying a home, but Tom informed us of everything we needed to know. Even if there were things we didn’t understand, he would explain it so that we would. It took us awhile to actually settle on a house and Tom was patient with us through the whole process. If you’re looking for an agent, I definitely recommend Tom.

5 651buyer

Tom was very professional, informational and patient to new buyers. He was always on time for all meetings and showings. Anything Tom promises, he delivers. Tom made the daunting task of buying a home a breeze. I highly recommend him to anyone looking.

5 user35222

As first time homebuyers we relied heavily upon his advice and opinion, we really trusted him especially as he became familiar with our likes, dislikes and needs. Tom always followed through with his promises and we found he was always willing to go out of his way to show us a house. We asked a ton of questions and he was very happy to answer them without hesitation and gave us very appropriate responses and explanations. We were always worried about paying to much in this housing market, however as nervous as we were about what we offered, we know Tom was spot on with what he advised us to do. We will use Tom again for sure, with him its like talking to your friend who is very qualified to give his advice, we were very comfortable with him. If you want someone that is not intimidating, and someone that will value you as a home buyer, then Tom it is!

5 svang059

Mr. Yang was very helpful. He was able to take care of everything that we didn’t understand. Any questions that we had he was able to give us an answer. Mr. Yang was able to find costumers to come look at our Home pretty frequently. Overall it was a smooth process for the first home we sold.

5 codyyang84

It’s very great for you to help me run paper and was able to get me the house. Everytime when I need help you were there for me. I thank you again for all your hard work that you did for me. I would love to work with you again.

5 mengyang101

Was a great help in the home purchasing process. Never had a problem reaching Tom when I needed to talk to him. When I found the home I wanted he was knowledgeable in the market and helped point out potential problems with the homes. On our final walkthrough of the house I bought, a couple of issues came up that wasn’t present in the home inspection. Tom negotiated the cost of repairs. I will recommend Tom to everyone I know who is looking to buy a home.

5 user99565232

I used a different agent for 14 months whom only told me why I could not have each property I was interested in, then I decided to switch agents and the first property Tom showed me was just what I was looking for but the bank would not allow me to escrow money for needed repairs, Tom and his team found a lender that would work with me and 5 weeks later I was in my new home.

5 justinkaiser67

Tom was very helpful and knowledgeable about the area we were looking. He was honest and easy going. He was never pushy, he also made sure that we were very comfortable with the whole process.

5 user5029164

Tom was great to work with, very professional and always very quick in all of our inquires… and we had many! We are very happy with the service he provided and highly recommend him. He helped us find our perfect home for our family, we couldn’t be happier!

5 ktclayton44

As a first time home buyer, working with Tom was great all the way from first meeting him and signing an agreement to after closing on a house. He made it very clear that he was happy to look at many houses until we found the one the one that was right for me. He also made all of the inspections and paperwork as easy as possible and made sure that everything was done on time. It was a great and as low stress as possible. I would recommend Tom to anyone looking to buy a house.

5 user81012446

Tom is great to work with, we really appreciated his knowledge and prompt replies to texts and phone calls. He made the process of selling our home very easy, we received an offer right away and was able to close within the time promised. We would definitely call Tom again on our next purchase.

5 choucha1982

They are very knowledgeable, patient and very detailed. I would recommend them to my family and friends. They were always willing to make time to show us homes, didn’t matter if it was last minute or not.

5 spencerhartz

As a first time time home buyer, I had minimal knowledge of what it takes to purchase a home and find one that’s fits my lifestyle. Tom was incredibly patient and walked my partner and I through every step of the way. We toured double digit properties and lost out on some offers, but Tom and Rania continued to be there for us. I saw my future house uploaded to zillow and was in it for a look the same afternoon. Our offer was delivered and excepted all in the same weekend. I can’t recommend them enough.

5 monsterrider30

Tom was very knowledgeable throughout the entire process. He was able to keep the process going and provided direction when needed. His availability was impeccable and it was nice to never feel lost through some of the confusing parts of home selling. I came down with a cold during the process and Tom even found a way to keep things on track by making the documents with e-Sign. This helped tremendously to keep things on track with the required deadlines. I would definitely recommend Tom to anyone buying or selling a home.

5 user9198019

Tom has helped me and my family in buying homes for many years now. He is very knowledgeable and very helpful. He will do his 100% best to help you buy or sale a home. Tom is very easy to work with and he listens to what you want and need. Also he has great resources on whatever you need to make your home buying experience a smooth and easy one. Thank You Tom and Rania…..

5 zuser20140908124947790

The Yang’s has very good knowledge and negotiation skills. They always respond as fast as they could to help w/ any question/concern. Thanks so much for your help.

5 La Ducati

First time home buyer, single man and had no clue about purchasing a home. I walked into the experience fairly ignorant of the process of home buying. Tom broke it down for me step-by-step and explained to me each task that was ahead of us instead of just rushing me through the process for a quick sale. When showing homes, his knowledge (pointing out potential problems with the houses) helped me to make informed decisions. It was a pleasure to work with Tom. Finding the right home took me some time but I never felt pressured to settle. Tom was always available and responsive; which made the process an easy one. My first home purchase experience was a great one. Definitely will continue to refer him as a realtor to friends and family…..especially you first time home buyers!

5 zuser20151201191426154

We LOVED working with Tom. We were first time home buyers, Tom is knowledgeable not only about locations, but also about houses. He taught us so much through every house we saw. We cannot recommend a better realtor! He was willing to look at anything and his availability was amazing. Worked great with our busy work schedules.

5 user7772400

House sold in less than a month! Did great with pictures and we had a ton of traffic. Very easy to get in touch with and responds quickly to any questions and concerns. If you want a dependable agent with a lot of knowledge, Tom is your guy!

5 shueher

Our experience has been nothing short but great. They got our house sold and everything was taken care of. If you want someone to get the job done to do it in a professional manner Tom is your man!

5 erasmaus3

Tom was very professional. He is a great negotiator. Helpful and good at explaining the paperwork. A great person to work with. We were selling a house and living in a different city and to was helpful and understanding in that respect as well.

5 BrianaGriffin0

Tom was such an excellent agent. Tom was very clear about the process of purchasing a house, knowledgeable about features to look for and things to avoid. He helped us secure an accepted offer after other bidders had entered offers and we now live in a home we truly love. Tom was very, very responsive and has a great team of people in his network. We felt informed every step of the way and couldn’t have been happier with Tom!

5 vangpoonam

Tom is a great person and agent, too. He communicate, proactive, listen to client motivation, adapt to client needs and know his clients. i would recommend Tom to my family and friend if they are in need of his services.

5 pamelayang16

Tom has been a huge help in selling our home and listing it for all to see. We were especially impressed that he not only used his professional contacts for listing but also social media to draw more attention to our home. We depended on Tom for knowledge on how to present our home for sale as well as things we needed to fix before inspection so we would have ample time to get it done. He helped us negotiate the price and let us know exactly what our home was worth. We would not have been able to get a great price on our home and such a smooth sale without Tom. We have had Tom help our family buy many homes and now we will definitely be having him help us sell if ever the time comes again. Thanks again Tom.

5 luciandtra

They are confidence, reliable and responsible. When the seller asked extension for the closing during closing tine, Tom knew what he suppose to do. Also when I need more information and help to prepare house for sale. Both Tom and Rania helped really well especially for keeping the clean.

5 gneustadter

Working with Tom, I was able to find my home within weeks. Tom is very knowledgeable, He was extremely supportive throughout my entire home buying process. Even after buying my home, he has kept in touch to make sure the transition has been smooth.

5 zin htoo

Tom and Rania Yang are great people to work with. Tom has been helping me looking for a house for the pass two years and he’s so patient and generous. He’s always open to answer any questions and quick at responding back every time I call or send him an email. I thank both of them helping me with the process of getting a new house. It’s been great working together and we have developed a good friendship during the time we work together.

5 humandday

Tom and renia they are helping us a lot. exprain every detail about the house financial .We are buying the house like we have a dream Me and my family love it .

5 user09707851

Tom helped me and my family in buying a home in Woodbury. He is very knowledgeable and helpful. He is very easy to work with and he listens to what you want. He has great resources on whatever you need to make your home buying experience easy. Thank You Tom

5 shakumwee

They help us whenever we need them, call us when they need something for us, help us finding a good house, they help us explain they detail of every information about owning a home, they explain everything when you ask them a question and everything they does for us was great.

5 gard01580

Tom was a great realtor to work with and helped us get into a great home. He was very patient as we passed up several homes, but when the time came to make an offer, he was very diligent and made the process very smooth. I especially appreciated Tom’s knowledge of the features of the houses. From the furnace and utilities to the general layouts, he was able to point out the finer points of each of the houses to help us understand what we were getting into and what sorts of maintenance we could expect in the future. Overall, it was a great experience and made the home buying process fairly straightforward and easy.

5 AliGardner

We couldn’t have asked for a better realtor. Tom was always responsive, honest, and thorough. We had our eye on a property and when it came on the market, he had us for a first showing within 2 hours and a second showing later that day. He helped us navigate the details of our offer and negotiate when needed.

5 pjwiler

They help me find a house tell me things that I don’t understand clearly. He’s the best realtor you could have. And I thank him and her a lot for that. Thanks tome and rania.

5 xiongm7

Tom was such a great agent to work with. I am so glad we picked him because he was very helpful, knowledgable and patient with us. He tried his best to make sure all our needs were met. He also was very responsive and answered all our questions in a timely manner. Thank you and we hope to work with you again in the near future.

5 thaoleng21

It was a wonderful experience to work with Tom and Rania as they went above and beyond to answer all of our questions and concerns. Whenever issues arose, they were addressed in a timely manner with courtesy and respect and the response was always with a solution to the problem. We were able to sell our house quickly and above asking price because of Tom’s knowledge and expertise. During the negotiation of the terms of purchasing our new home, Tom was able to reach an agreement which satisfied both parties and we got the house we wanted.

5 vueher 185

Tom was very knowledge about the area we were interested in buying, was very helpful and responded quickly to all of our questions. He was always on our side when it came to negotiations. Great agent to work with.

5 payne6946

Tom and his team helped us locate and purchase our new home. We viewed many houses before settling on the one that we finally bought, and Tom offered his good advice and pointed out things that I might have missed all along the way. As a first time home buyer there were aspects of the process with which I was unfamiliar, but Tom provided clear explanations. His service did not end at closing, but he followed up with us afterwards to make sure that we were satisfied. Tom is extremely professional, knowledgeable, and friendly, and I cannot recommend him highly enough to anyone looking to either buy or sell a home. There were occasions when I wondered when he slept, as he would text me late in the evening with issues that he thought urgently needed to be discussed or resolved. He truly does work hard for you. I would give Tom ten stars if I were able!

5 greta veregge

As first time homebuyers, Tom did a great job at explaining to us what to expect throughout the process. He was very responsive, which was very helpful in the current market. Tom took the time to really understand what we were looking for in a home. It was evident form the first time we met Tom, that not only would he help us to find a home, but that he would help us find the RIGHT home.

5 user5197723

What a wonderful experience to work with Tom and Rania. They were very responsive, patient, and made an effort to answer all of our questions we had about purchasing. Tom made the time to schedule the houses we were interested in and during walk throughs were able to answered all of our questions and concerns. They were very knowledgable and up to date with city ordinances which helped us decide where to look.

5 xovxyooj8

They did great job helping me to get my home purchase done. Very helpful. I will ask for them help again in the future. Thank a lots. Have a wonderful days.

5 khahtoo

Thank you so much for your helping me buying a house and I’m very satisfied the house. Everything goes smooth and I don’t have to worry. I’m recommend other people to look for you if they want to buy a house. Thanks! very nice to work with you two.

5 rleann21

Tom and Rania were so easy to work with and made the whole process go smooth. They took the time to explain things in a way we would understand. I would recommend Tom and his team to anyone I know that’s buying a home.

5 vthao75

Tom and Rania Yang have done an excellent job helping me finding a new home. They did everything they can to help as much as possible. They always keep me update on how’s things going and always there for me when I need it.

5 user66797408

If your looking for that right house ,condo, or town home. Tom is the guy to call. He works well with your schedule and does his best to inform you on what the unit has to offer the good and bad. Also he knows the alot about different properties. I enjoyed his knowledge and feedback on what was asked of him .

5 leonvang84

Tom and Rania is the most good agent ever they helped me find a beautiful house thank you for your help tom yang and Rania. Hopefully in the future you’ll be my agent again. Thank you you have a great holiday.

4 Cannon fodder jk

Tom was very helpful from start to finish. We had a rollercoaster of a sale/buy and Tom and his team were always very considerate. And was always willing to adjust his schedule to work with ours for finding a home.

4 mueaye90

Help my family. Help other people. He is very nice. Help with every thing to buy our 1st house. Work very to find our home. Help us about damages at the house and ask sellers to repair every thing.

4 xiongchor

It is very pressure to work with them because I am can understand them more easy. They’re help me with me each step and they are good explaintion to me, so I can move alone with more easy and thank to Tom and Rania that I can buy new house.

4 hallas d

Tom is extremely hardworking and knowledgeable. He was very flexible while showing me homes to buy, whether it was 10:00am or 8:00pm. As a first time home buyer it was important to have someone like Tom walk you through the potentially overwhelming process of searching and purchasing a home.

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